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Wall, ceiling and floor profile, 35x27mm | RG-503

RG-502 or RG-503 are profiles used in combination with each other for interior glass walls. Glass walls consisting of wall only or in combination with sliding doors, swing doors or together with the RG-580 ROCA Decibel door frame.

The RG-502 is a split profile to facilitate installation,
The RG-503 is fixed profile and is always used in the ceiling.

Depending on the ability to slide the glass laterally during installation, refer to whether to use a fixed or split profile. Normally, you attach a fixed profile to the ceiling and split on the floor and vertically. The edgy design of the profile allows you to easily combine the profiles at 90° to each other. The profiles are sold in lengths of 5200mm or 2600mm. Supplied with end cap RG-512, rubber gasket base RG-520 and wedge gasket for selected glass thickness (8-12.76mm) RG-521. If you need a higher profile, these profiles can also be combined with the RG-504.

Artikelnr. Material Oberflächenbehandlung L = mm
862205 Aluminium Natureloxiert 5200
862215 Aluminium Natureloxiert 2600
862208 Aluminium Schwarz lackiert (RAL9005) 5200
862218 Aluminium Schwarz lackiert (RAL9005) 2600
862258 Aluminium Weiß lackiert (RAL9010) 5200
862268 Aluminium Weiß lackiert (RAL9010) 2600

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